Friday, July 25, 2008


What is nothing? Is it the absence of particles? Is it only a mere concept? Does "nothing" exist? If "nothing" exists, what shapes would it take? If it is nothing then you shouldn't be able to see it - right? What was there before the Big Bang? Nothing or "Nothing"? If there was a block of nothing a mile long could I stick my hand into it and have my fingers stick out a mile away because of course it is nothing. No space, no distance - "Nothing" or nothing?


Theo said...
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Theo said...

Another excellent question to ponder. Not surprisingly, many thinkers have done so over the last 2,500 years or so! For an excellent and very readable survey, start here.

Michelle said...

In Stephen Hawking's lecture "Does God Play Dice?" he talks about particles and anti-particles.

Hurts my brain, but so freaking cool.