Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blue Brain

This is something that I think is really cool!

IBM and a Swiss company called EPFL together have started a project to recreate the human brain in computer form. Its name is Blue Brain. This new supercomputer, if everything goes well, may become conscious at the level of a human brain in ten years.

It may take longer than that, or the project could completely crash and burn. Whether it is a success or a failure, it is still the closest we will have come to artificial intelligence yet.

Just imagine being brought into existence and being told that you're a computer, you're a one of a kind, you're an experiment, and that everyone else is made of flesh and bones...and you aren't.

For more information, go to the Blue Brain homepage.


Theo said...

Very cool indeed!

What, do you think, does it mean "to become [artificially] conscious at the level of a human brain"? (Feel free to look up Turing Test and Artificial Intelligence on Wikipedia first!)

Regards and keep up the good work!


Eric T. Jones said...

That's really cool that they are trying to do that in real life. There is a very good book about artificial intelligence copied from a brain. It's called The Footprints of God written by Greg Iles. It's quite an interesting story, with government cover ups, AI, and even an appearance by god! It's not your normal way of looking at god and the theological part of the book is very interesting actually. If there happens to be a god (Which I personally don't believe there is), I think it would be something like the god in this book. Anyways, welcome to the blogosphere and let me know if you end up reading the book. Here is a link to the book on Amazon.